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Procedures for whole and/or Partial school closure

A well-structured day is crucial for well-being and health in the family.

At Menorah Primary School the safety and well-being of our staff and pupils is paramount.  We are aware that the impact of a school closure can be challenging and with this in mind we will keep our school open whenever possible.  However, should the need arise for us to close the school or send certain classes home, we have a contingency plan in place.

Teachers and learning will continue as effectively as possible in both Chol and Kodesh in order to keep pupils on track in their learning, help them maintain connection with their teachers and provide a structure for healthy and happy learners.

During the school day every pupil is expected to learn at home and to participate in remote lessons and submit set work for marking. 

Expectations for Pupils Learning at Home

We have complied a list of Expectations for Pupils Learning at Home and we would ask parents and teachers to reinforce adherence to these standards at all times.

  • Good and respectful behaviour at all sessions

  • Pupils to be dressed properly in day clothes.

  • Pupils to have all requisite equipment and books etc ready for each session.

  • If possible, children should participate in sessions in a quiet area of the home in order to minimise distractions during lessons.

  • The video feature of the Zoom session must be switched on throughout the sessions.

  • Pupils are not permitted to eat during the sessions.

  • Remember to remind parents that we and they are visible to others during Zoom sessions and should take care to avoid embarrassing situations.

Morning sessions for pupils in Chol will be in small groups so that interactive learning can take place. To this end, the morning session will be divided into three 30- minute sessions and the class will be divided into three groups. Each group will have a 30- minute lesson and work will be set following this, which can be completed by the children independently. This work will then need to be submitted via Google classroom for marking and feedback.  Afternoon sessions in Chol will consist of more topic-based learning and can be delivered to a whole class/or in the same groups as the morning session.

 Kodesh lessons will be run over Zoom. Up to and including Year 5 the morning session will begin with Davening to be followed with a Chumash/Krioh lesson. It is imperative that Krioh continues every day.  The afternoon session for Kodesh will follow the same subject timetable as the children have in school. Many children find it very hard to just focus on a verbal lesson and worksheets to help reinforce material taught will be provided.

If you require pupils to have any special equipment for a particular session, please notify parents well in advance through the Google classroom. This will ensure there is no time wasted while children go to ‘look for things’ during sessions.

 Special Educational Needs

School closure is bound to have a greater impact on SEN children and for this reason the SENDcos will work closely with teachers and parents in this matter.  Extra attention and individual Zoom sessions will be delivered to meet the individual needs of the children and their families.

Health and Well-Being

We are mindful of the fact that the situation at home and the circumstances of different children can impact on the amount of work a child can do.  In addition, health and mental well-being can effect different children in different ways.  Teachers will maintain contact with families by phone or email and welcome feedback from parents. This will underpin the provision for the children. 

 Other School Communications

Weekly newsletters and assemblies will continue on line.